As approved and accepted by Dunchurch Band on 18 March 2008



Throughout this document ‘he’ and/or ‘his’ shall be taken to include males and females.



ARTICLE 1.  TITLE.  The band shall be known as ‘Dunchurch Band’ hereinafter referred to as ‘ the band’



ARTICLE 2. ADDRESS.  The address of the band shall be that of its secretary.  Such address shall be notified to the National Brass Band Registry



ARTICLE 3.  AIMS.  The aims of the band shall be:


3.1 To provide facilities for brass instrumentalists and percussionists to promote and to participate in musical activities.


3.2 To provide cultural and musical interest and entertainment for the general public and the band, and to encourage the appreciation of music and the participation in its performance.


3.3 To provide educational and training facilities for potential brass instrumentalists and percussionists.


3.4 To do such other things as may be considered in the opinion of the committee to further the interests of the band.


ARTICLE 4.  MEMBERSHIP.  The following shall be the categories, duration and conditions of membership:


4.1 Full Membership – Any brass instrumentalist or percussionist who regularly plays with the band shall, at the discretion of the committee, be eligible for full membership.  Such person is hereinafter referred to as ‘member’.


4.2    Life Member – The committee may, at its discretion, grant life membership to any person whom it considers has given valuable service to the band.  Such person is hereinafter referred to as ’life member’ and shall be exempt from subscription but entitled to vote.


4.3    Associate Membership – Any person interested in furthering the aims of the band shall at A.G.M. with agreement of the band, or during the year at the discretion of the committee, be granted associate membership until the next A.G.M..  Such person is hereinafter referred to as ‘associate member’ and shall be eligible for election as an officer and committee member of the band. 


Such person will not be subject to membership conditions 5.1, 5.3, 5.4, 5.5, 5.6.


4.4 Any member, life member or associate member who has, in the opinion of the committee failed to comply with the Constitution and Rules may have that membership terminated.  Any such termination shall be communicated in writing by the General Secretary to that member, associate member or life member within seven days of any such decision.  Upon receipt of the notice of termination of the prescribed membership there shall be allowed fourteen days during which that person may appeal in writing to the General Secretary against such termination.





Every member shall:


5.1    Agree to submit to an audition if required to do so, by the Musical Director.


5.2 Be given a copy of the Constitution and Rules and shall then give an undertaking to accept and comply with them.


5.3 Pay subscriptions as agreed at the Annual General Meeting.


5.4 Attend every rehearsal and engagement as arranged by the committee or Musical Director, unless he shall provide prior reasons that are acceptable to the committee or Musical Director of his inability to do so.


5.5 Inform the General Secretary or Musical Director without delay if it is impossible to attend any rehearsal or engagement, giving reasons for his absence.


5.6 Not register, regularly rehearse or regularly perform with another band without the written permission of the committee.


5.7 Sign for all band property at the time it is handed to him and shall make good any loss or damage thereto whilst in his possession, other than that caused by fair wear and tear.


5.8 Return all property as referred to in article 5.7 when he leaves the band or has his membership terminated.


5.9 Support the band in the furtherance of its aims.


5.10 At all times act in such a manner as will safeguard the honour and distinction of the band.


5.11 Be entitled to stand as a committee member and officer except that to hold the position of Chair, General Secretary or Treasurer the member must have passed their eighteenth birthday.



ARTICLE 6. MANAGEMENT OF THE BAND.  The management of the band shall be vested in its committee.





7.1 The committee shall initially comprise of seven officers appointed at the Annual General Meeting.


7.2 For the committee to make decisions a quorum of members must be present at the meeting such quorum to be half the committee plus 1.


7.2 The term of office of every officer so elected, shall be until the first annual general meeting following that at which he was elected to office.


7.3 The committee may co-opt additional members, including a representative from Training Band (if one exists) onto the committee.  The period of office for any such co-opted officer shall be valid until the next annual general meeting.


7.4 Every member appointed to the committee shall have one vote on every matter, whether or not that member is the joint holder of more than one office of the committee.  In the event of a tied vote the chairman shall cast an extra vote.


7.5 The committee shall be charged with the sole responsibility for conducting the affairs of the band and shall have the authority to decide every action pertaining thereto.


7.6 The committee shall, subject to full membership approval, appoint the Musical Director and decide their remuneration.  The responsibilities of the Musical Director are:


a)     He shall be solely responsible to the committee for the musical standard of the band.

b)     He shall have the authority to place members according to his assessment of their musical ability and that to the band requirement, subject to the approval of the committee.

c)    He shall be responsible to the committee for the conduct of the band whilst the band is playing rehearsals and engagements.





8.1 The Annual General Meeting shall be held in the month of March. Members shall be notified in the form of a notice displayed in the band room, at least fourteen days prior to the meeting.


8.2 Extraordinary general meetings may be called at the request of the committee or of not less than ten members.  In this event the period of notice as referred to in article 8.1 shall be extended to twenty-one days.  Any such request from members shall be made in writing to the General Secretary and shall contain notice of the business to be considered by the meeting.


8.3 Every member shall have one vote on every matter at a general meeting.


8.4 Except where stated otherwise in this constitution and rules any resolution shall be passed by a simple majority of the members present at any general meeting by a show of hands.


8.5 The officers of the committee referred to in article 7.1 shall be elected by ballot from among the members present at the Annual General Meeting and must include :



a)    Shall preside at all committee meetings and shall conduct such meetings in accordance with recognised committee procedure.

b)    Shall ensure that President, Vice-Presidents and Trustees are invited to the AGM and kept informed of any other matters that may concern them.

c)    Be impartial point of contact if anyone has a problem


General Secretary

a)     Shall convene committee meetings at a frequency compatible with the efficient conduct of the affairs of the band.

b)     Shall keep and maintain a register of all members, life members and associate members.

c)      Shall record the business dealt with by the committee in the form of minutes, copies of which shall be made available to its officers without undue delay.

d)     Shall have the authority to make any decision on any matter of urgency that may affect the conduct of the affairs of the band, provided that he shall seek the approval for every such decision at the next committee meeting.

e)     Act as main point of contact for band members and other bands.

f)        Write letters and reply to correspondence as required by the committee.



a)     Shall conduct the financial affairs of the band and shall record every transaction and keep an orderly set of accounts, which he shall make available for inspection at every committee meeting.

b)     The committee shall decide the banking arrangements and the joint signatories for banking purposes.

c)      Keep a record of use of rehearsal venues and conductor attendance for payment purposes.

d)     The treasurer shall prepare a statement of account for presentation at every annual general meeting.  Such statement shall have been audited and certified by a suitably qualified person other than the treasurer.

e)     The accounting year shall end annually on the last day of the month of December.

f)        Ensure that the bands insurance is renewed and regularly reviewed.


The members present at the Annual General Meeting should also appoint:


Event Secretary

a)    Liaise with organisers of events and venues for Band Bookings and Concerts.

b)    Liaise with Musical Director over jobs and organisers requirements.

c)    Market the band.


Contest Secretary

a)    Liaise with Brass Band Registry to ensure player registrations are kept up to date.

b)    Be point of contact for local associations particularly for contests.

c)    Enter the band for contests they wish to enter.


The Band Sergeant

a)     Shall have charge of the band’s uniforms, instruments and all other band equipment generally with the exception of the band’s music and learners.

b)     He shall be responsible to the committee for the conduct of the band at times other than as stated in 7.6.c.

c)      He shall ensure to the best of his ability that the band is fully and correctly turned out at all uniform engagements.


8.6 Any officer may be removed from office by a resolution supported by not less that three-fourths of the members present at a general meeting. Every proposal of such a resolution shall be notified in writing by the proposer to all members at least seven days prior to the said general meeting.


8.7 A band librarian shall be appointed at the AGM.  He shall be responsible through the musical director to the committee for all music in the band’s library, together with its safekeeping, distribution and collection.  He shall keep and maintain an index record of all the band’s music and shall ensure the recording and safe return of all music loaned to others.


8.8 A President and Vice-President(s) will be appointed at a general meeting and shall hold office for such period as shall be decided by the committee.


8.9 Two Trustees shall be appointed at the AGM.


8.10 The subscription payable for twelve months from 1st April immediately following the AGM shall be agreed at the AGM.



ARTICLE 9. TROPHIES AND PRIZES.  The committee shall decide the custody of all band trophies and prizes and shall make proper arrangements for their safekeeping and disposal.



ARTICLE 10.  VISITING MUSICIANS.  The Musical Director or the Events Secretary shall have the authority to invite non-member musicians to play at engagements.  The General Secretary and Treasurer in consultation with the MD shall jointly decide any fees to be paid.



ARTICLE 11.  TRUSTEES.  Two trustees will be appointed for the purposes of holding or disposing of band investment or band property vested in their names.


11.1 They shall be appointed by simple majority votes at a general meeting and shall act as directed by the committee.


11.2 They shall be indemnified by the band against loss or expenses arising out of the proper discharge of their duties.


11.3 In the event of the dissolution of the band, the trustees shall receive all properties belonging to the band and shall discharge any debts by the disposal of so much of the property as shall be necessary for this purpose.


11.4 If after the discharge of all debts there remains any property or monies belonging to the band, such property and monies shall be held by the trustees for a period of one year from the date of the dissolution of the band.


11.5 After the expiration of one year, the committee in office at the date of dissolution shall give all remaining monies and property to the Dunchurch Educational Trust.





12.1 With the exception of articles 11 to 11.5 inclusive and article 13.3, the Constitution and Rules may be amended or altered and new ones may be made with the sanction of a resolution passed by a majority vote of not less than three-fourths of the members attending and voting thereon at a general meeting.


12.2 Notice of any proposal to alter the Constitution and Rules shall be given in writing to the General Secretary not less than fourteen days before the date of the meeting at which such a proposal is to be discussed.  Such notice shall give full details of the proposed alteration and shall state the reasons thereof.





13.1 A resolution to dissolve the band shall be considered at a general meeting attended by not less than one half of the members.


13.2 Subject to the provisions contained in articles 13.1 and 13.3, a resolution to dissolve the band shall be carried if supported by a majority of not less the three-fourths of the members present and voting.


13.3 The band shall not be dissolved if and so long as there are six or more members who are willing to attend regularly at rehearsals and engagements and are prepared to make every effort to rebuild the band.


13.4 In the event of the band being dissolved the committee shall arrange for all band properties and monies to be handed over to the trustees who shall discharge their duties in accordance with articles 11.1 to 11.5 inclusive.